Neroh, the water bender.

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Neroh, the water bender.

Post by Neroh on Wed Jul 23, 2008 9:01 pm

Name: Neroh Lohren

Age: 17

Place of Birth: Southern Water Tribe

Appearance: Neroh has light brown hair, with a shimmering of silver through it all, which she keeps short. Long hair gets in her way. She stands somewhere between 5'6" and 5'7" and her body is slender yet toned. She is not tan although that is not to say that she has a pasty complexion, she is comfortably in the middle. Neroh's eyes are a warm, yet bright, chocolaty brown that really stands out next to her silvery brown hair. She weighs somewhere in the ranges of 125-130 pounds, the majority of it muscle mass, while still keeping her curvy figure. She likes to wear clothes that she can move in. She does not like to be constricted. Therefore she is usually seen in a small, white skirt with blue edging on the top. Her shirt cuts off just under her chest, keeping a tight fit on things that would otherwise bounce around and once more, get in her way. Her sleeves are not connected to any other part of her clothing, they are blue and are kept on by tight bracelets on the tops, well past the elbows. She is usually packing around a small, compact, purse that is strapped to her body, the straps making an "x" across her back. There is an object which most people assume is a white horn that she carries on her back but in all actuality it is a knife. She always wears a white feather with a gray tip as an ear ring in her left ear. Her father found it when she was younger and gave it to her. It was the last time she ever saw him.

History: Neroh was raised by her father and brother. Her father's name was Rhennon and her brother's name was Linten. Her mother left them all when Neroh was only three years old, saying that she had fallen in love with an earth bender and wished to be with him instead of them. Neroh didn't find out exactly what had happened until she was eleven, when she sat her dad down and made him tell her. Before he had always told her that her mother had left on a journey that she felt like she needed to take, quite vague. Linten always took care of her when their father was out hunting, fishing, or training. They played games and kept each other company when there was no one else.

One day there was to be a fishing trip for the entire village to go on, Linten wanted very badly to go but he was hardly 14, not yet old enough. Neroh didn't even ask, she was still only 12. They waited for four days, watching the clouds become darker, the air thick with the coming storm. When the boat returned, three days after the storm, which had lasted for two days, they ran, hoping that their da' was ok. No one even looked at them, with the exception of one woman, who put her hand on Neroh's head and looked at her brother. Their father was dead.

Linten took care of her after that and they made out pretty well. They knew that their father was with them and that they could still be happy. Now Neroh is making her way around the world, seeing what there is to be seen. Linten has stayed home, with his new family.

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