Air Bender Aylah.

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Air Bender Aylah.

Post by Air Bender Aylah. on Wed Jul 23, 2008 6:34 pm

[Aylah's Charm.]

Name; Alyah.

Age; Fifteen.

Description; Small, skinny and frail looking only to deceive the human eye.
Her skin as pale as any of the Air benders left in the world and her hair a soft black, flicking out in all directions off her shoulders.
Her eyes would be the most noticeable of her entire form, being ice blue with dark, long lashes to make them stand out even more, big, wide and happy.
Her form is covered in standard Air Temple clothes, long pale blue short sleeve shirt with a violet rim, hanging baggy off her skinny body looking almost like a dress, having to wear a white, long sleeve shirt underneath, silver bangles on bother her sleeve covered wrists.
Under that white tights just over the knee and normal Air Nomad violet, flat ballet shoes, easy for running and jumping.

Personality; She may look sweet and innocent, but it's all just a play, though this young, frail looking girl has a good heart, she's too adventurous for her own good, and a huge prankster.
She's sweet, of coarse and adorable to boot, almost childish in every way, she trust's people but if you tread on her toes even once she'll sting you, unless her older brother however, she wouldn't dare to pull anything on him out of love, respect... and fear. o.o'
One thing you would not expect however, is her lack of ability to talk, she's been mute since she was young, but that doesn't stop her from anything, with a notebook and many actions, she can express herself just fine without a voice.
She's learnt to use her creativity and childish behaviour to get her out of situations she gets herself into the same way.

Weaponry; Alot of the time, she doesn't fight, she uses her quick wit and thinking, speed and accuracy and nimble abilities for prank pulling, harmless fun... harmless to -her- anyway.
But she DOES have a weapon, though no one would expect it, it happens to be her jewelry.
She wears silver bangle's off her petite wrist's, most people only see them as a jingling warning of something humourous about to happen, but with the right type of air bending, which she taught herself, the two on her left wrist and three on her right can expand into wider rings, flip into sharp edges and even become jagged.
The extra ring on her right wrist she never uses, on it dangles a charm her parents had given her and her brother that had been split in two, her older brother,
Comet, has the other half.

History; Aylah remembers nothing much of her past, she was young, only five when her Brother was taken away and her parents killed in front of her, her mind blocked it all out, so what she now knows she learned from her older sibling.

One of the memories she has is while the Fire Nation had her captive for a future slave, she practiced fire moves from her brother to try to learn fire bending of her own, but when she turned seven, she established Air bending, using that to escape.

She has also made a recent discovery about her absent memories of her childhood, that it involved the only last Air Bender that was known to exist during the war, was Aang, the Avatar.

After that, all she remembered was waking up a year later, in the kingdom of Earth, by herself on top of a shop roof, without money, food or even a voice.

Just a charm her parents gave her in her pocket.

She lived her life free, learning to take care of herself and practicing her bending technique, making friends with a Blacksmith who made her bracelet's and fed her and took care of her.
He decided what had happened to her in the past is the cause of her mute like behaviour.
By the time she turned twelve, she was known throughout the Earth Kingdom as either the Orphan girl or the Trickster Brat.

By then she moved back to the Air Temples as soon as they were rebuilt when she reunited unexpectedly with Comet, who she stumbled by, while she was pulling a prank and found his sword, with her other half of Charm hanging off of it.

Because the Air Temple is still being rebuilt, Comet stays shied away from them and lives in the Fire Nation, but he's still always near her, protecting her and getting her out of the trouble she is so well known to get into.

Bonds; She knows alot of people, but she's not the most popular when it comes to actual friends, being what they call 'annoying.'
Her Older Brother
Comet, however, accepts her completely, her annoying pranks, the trouble she causes that he has to help her out of, even her lack of talking is fine with him, because she accepts him for everything he is.
The Siblings may be complete opposites, they get along like Yin and Yang.
Aylah's other friendship resides with
Bao, the Earth Bender, both known to be worse then themselves when they are together, so if they are, you might want to stay clear of mud and ice.

[In reality, Comet is actually my brother, my younger sibling, cool, no? Very Happy]
Air Bender Aylah.

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Re: Air Bender Aylah.

Post by Earth Bender Bao on Fri Aug 01, 2008 9:20 am

<3 you.

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